at the service of many sectors

Our stainless steel cabinets find the right application in contexts of absolute hygiene and durability. It is no coincidence that we can count numerous customers who have relied on our many years of experience and expertise for specific solutions in which only our IP degree and robustness can support ad hoc solutions.


Food & Beverage

Watertight cabinets for electrical panels with degree of protection IP66, IP69 and IK10 directly certified by TÜV SÜD, with a rounded design, with inclined and elegant surfaces to give uniqueness to your systems, they are ideal for the food and beverage industry. Resistant to the most aggressive washing for a quality that is unmatched.

Features specially designed for high protection requirements in environments such as food manufacturing plants, because your satisfaction is our best business card.

The finish of our non-protruding 120 ° hinges (so as not to create nesting surfaces for bacteria or dirt) and reversible, the fully internal robotised foamed seals represent an essential foundation of hygiene and food safety as required by Haccp protocols.

Pharma, Chimical & Cosmetic

MPGamma stainless steel control units and consoles meet the highest hygiene requirements in chemical-pharmaceutical and cosmetic processing processes. Our extremely smooth surfaces without interstices prevent the nesting of production residues, dirt and bacteria.

Particularly performing are the cabinets made with fixed rear and roof, without further folds or recessed parts, such as our line of waterproof SPEED stainless steel modular cabinets. The high IP66 and IP69 degrees hermetically protect the automation contained in the electrical panels during high pressure washing and with chemical agents.

Gas & oil, chemical & petrolchemical

MPGamma offers a wide variety of stainless steel enclosures and junction boxes with EX certification for zone 1 and 2 with explosive gases and EX 21 and 22 with explosive dusts; also the stainless steel cabinets can be supplied for the EX 2.22 zone and possibly customized according to specific specifications for marine platforms, oil pipelines and petrochemical processing plants.

Our deep knowledge and experience of these sectors of use allows us to design and produce turnkey protection enclosures, in special steels such as AISI316L, with multilayer insulation panels suitable for pressurization.

Manufacturing of textile, ceramics, pigments and paper

MPGamma stainless steel cabinets are used to protect the SPS in manufacturing plants where resistance to corrosion by chemical agents, solvents and powders is required, such as machinery for industrial washing and coloring or whitening of fabrics, separation centrifuges and mixers of pigments or ceramic particles, glues and synthetic pulp, production of paper and cardboard.

The scotch brite satin stainless steel surface and the watertightness of our IP66, IP67 and IP69 enclosures as well as the IK10 impact resistance are the ideal requirement for their use.

Stainless steel cabinets, junction boxes and consoles are often used to protect automatin for setting up on vessels, port cranes and offshore platforms for both drilling and renewable energy such as floating plants in wind farms and on rotor nacelles.

Our enclosures are extremely robust and durable, suitable for use in marine environments with high salinity, resistant to atmospheric weather and particularly versatile; on request manufactured in special steels and with surface coatings.

Special vehicles, transport and infrastructure

For several years Mpgamma has been supplying special stainless steel boxes to companies that produce vehicles for drilling the soil for the mining sector and for soil enrichment during mining processes, mobile machinery for lifting steel slabs in the steel industry, earth moving and compaction vehicles of waste materials.

Many preparations have been made for infrastructures such as the new San Giorgio bridge in Genoa and railway tunnels, alpine tunnels etc. having won tenders together with the sister company SPARTA.

Water treatment, environment & energy

The environment in which we live is important to us. Thanks to their resistance and watertightness, the Mpgamma stainless steel boxes guarantee the necessary protection for automation systems. They are used in wastewater treatment plants, filtering systems, installations for measuring exhaust gases for both urban and industrial use, thus also contributing to the ecological balance.

Even for renewable energy such as wind farms and solar panels, the IP66, IP68 IP69 stainless steel enclosures are optimal for ensuring the protection of the automation necessary to manage these systems.


What does ATEX mean

The acronym “ATEX” is the acronym for “ATmosphereEXplosive“, or potentially explosive atmosphere.
A potentially explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of flammable substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists or dusts.


The ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU divides the products into two groups (group I and group II), the first of which includes equipment intended for mines and the second all the others.
In turn, within the groups, the products are divided into categories according to the level of protection guaranteed against the risk of ignition of the potentially explosive atmosphere.
In particular, the CEI EN 60079-0 standard defines, in accordance with the nature of the explosive atmosphere due to the presence of gas (for group II) or dust (for group III) for which they are intended.
MPGamma offers, on request, a wide variety of stainless steel enclosures with ATEX certification.
CPN enclosures and SDN stainless steel junction boxes with EX certification for zone 1.21
CPN enclosures, SDN, SPN, CDN boxes, compact SCS and modular cabinets EMP, SPD, LE-LD-LE consoles and PLP consoles, KC and KCS kommander with EX 2.22 certification