The MPGAMMA Console was created to meet the need to protect industrial PCs and operator panels of all industrial monitoring and automation systems.

The innovative design and the high degree of protection making the Console a valuable ally for installers, builders and design engineers in the field of machines and systems for food production and processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, as well as the Oil and Gas sector.

The series is entirely made of AISI 304L (Wnr 1.4307), one of the best-performing materials in terms of mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance.

The ARCO T solution only consists of the upper storage box, while the TS version also includes the lower box with dropleaf opening. The 2 boxes are connected to each other to allow the cables to pass through.

The PLUMP solution is an innovative multipurpose system, whose enclosureis suitable for any kind of application. It ensures the operator panel can be integrated with the semiautomatic and manual controls.