• CONTROPORTA INTERNA per cassa inox


Hinged internal doors made in AISI 304L (Wnr 1.4307) stainless steel satin finish Scotch-Brite type. They can be fixed internally at variable distances from 40 mm to 50 mm from the external door (other fixing depth on request). The locks are at 1/4 turn with a slotted screwdriver insert. The opening direction can be reversed (reversible door) in relation to the external door. The maximum weight to be applied to the internal door varies in function of the size, but it is not recommended to exceed 20 kg. Drillings to drawing can be requested as well as drillings on the blind external door. They are supplied in assembly kit or pre-assembled (on request).

KCPN3030W=300 H=300
KCPN3038W=300 H=380
KCPN3045W=300 H=450
KCPN3830W=380 H=300
KCPN3838W=380 H=380
KCPN3860W=380 H=600
KCPN4050W=400 H=500
KCPN4530W=450 H=300
KCPN4545W=450 H=450
KCPN4560W=450 H=600
KCPN5070W=500 H=700
KCPN6038W=600 H=380
KCPN6045W=600 H=450
KCPN6060W=600 H=600
KCPN6075W=600 H=750
KCPN6090W=600 H=900
KCPN60120W=600 H=1200
KCPN7575W=750 H=750
KCPN75100W=750 H=1000
KCPN80120W=800 H=1200
KCPN9060W=900 H=600
KCPN100100W=1000 H=1000
KCPN100120W=1000 H=1200


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