Dear Business Partners,

The Prime Ministerial Decree announced by the Prime Minister on 22nd  March to counteract the COVID-19 emergency, provides for further restrictive measures for production sites that do not carry out activities directly related to people’s vital needs, the publication of the decree in the Official Journal confirms that we are among companies that CANNOT stay open.

To comply with what is required, we must necessarily close our production site in BRESCELLO

  • From March 26th to April 3rd inclusive.

The delivery slot scheduled for this closing period will be postponed of 2 weeks, and rescheduled for delivery between April 6th  and April 17th

We shall be working in smart mode, where possible.

You can contact your current contacts for any information using your email addresses or Skype contacts or mobile phone numbers, or you can write an email to the address:

for emergency situations, if your contacts are unable to answer you during this closing period, following telephone numbers are available:

  • +39 335 1238704 for customers / suppliers / partners in Italy
  • +39 346 8800238 for customers / suppliers / partners abroad

It is a difficult moment for everyone, but we are sure that we will get out of it as we were and even in a better way than before.

Trusting in your understanding, sincerely .

The mpGAMMA management